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lmfao "Snobama" this is great

Not as gay as I thought it would be, great job! :D

Great to see your stuff on Newgrounds! I think i'd choose the slop.

PilotRedSun responds:

good choice-- it's cheese enchiladas with sour cream

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good job I like your version of snake, it's a fun game, I like the "game over man" as well. but this needs a a scoreboard though, so I can kick everyone's but in this game

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha yeah, itยดs not really the same without highscores! Didn't realize AS1 couldn't run the API until last minute, but hopefully it's not impossible to fix. Thanks for the comment!

this came out really nicely! This was a really great way to interpret all of Newgrounds during the past 20 years in exciting fun, creative way. All the artists, animators, writers, programmers, musicians, did such a great job with this and it's what makes me proud of this site.

OMG Newgrounds has lost it's edge, so many butthurt Social Justice Warrior comments in the reviews. I agree this game was crappy and I think the one thing that kind of annoys me is no retry button. But this made me laugh and it's not too bad for a troll game. Lol people are more worked up over a 17 year old getting shot than School shootings and 9/11. It's sad actually. Anyways, can't wait to see more troll games from you.

ZabuJard responds:

:D more to come brother!

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this is awesome!

really good stuff man, also Happy Birthday again

Noisysundae responds:

You're too late to the party, but thanks btw. :)

roses are red, violets are blue, when that bass dropped, my ball did too. seriously though that was sick drop man! great job!

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She took the fucking kids.

you know this meme is dead when people on Newgrounds begin to post fanart/parodies of them. This is my first time seeing your art, I really like it!

I was waiting for someone to make this fan art and you didn't fail to disappoint!

I do mostly art, but I do animations as well. I do Comission work: https://twitter.com/Silly__Beans/status/722259213309906944 . I also am open to animation commissions, so if you want more info on pricing. message: mrbmikey07@gmail.com

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